How I Nearly Botched My Business Sale

“Are you still interested in buying the business?” The potential buyer had been grappling over the weekend with a few troubling issues he’d discovered in due diligence for  It was now Monday morning, and we were on a stressful, high-stakes call to see if we could keep the deal moving forward. On the line: losing a month of progress with a qualified buyer, and all the momentum I’d built with my public $185,000 auction process. How did things get to this point? The initial weeks of the diligence process went smoothly.  Logistics for the transition were coming along nicely, we’d

Boring Products? No Problem. How to Write Compelling Copy for Anything.

Shopify Setup & First Impressions Getting set up with Shopify was really straightforward. I was expecting a somewhat long process involving entering a credit card, registering a domain, etc. But to my surprise, I was up and running, customizing my store, 30 seconds after entering my email address – no payment required. My goal with onboarding was to see how long it took to get my account set up, get a feel for the interface and get a very basic store live with a customized homepage, name and product added. With Shopify, it took me about 30 minutes from signup until I